Hizkia Felix Winata

Web Developer


Exploring the world of computers, with a passion in building software that helps others. I have extensive experience building responsive web applications, and have general knowledge on developing and deploying scalable backend systems. I can quickly learn anything by getting hands-on with new tech.


  • Pintu - Part time (Feb 2020 - Aug 2021)
    • Built Pintu's landing page and Pintu Academy, using Next.js and a Wordpress backend.
    • Developed internal tools to speed up KYC flow by automatically extracting details from identity cards using Google's Cloud Vision OCR.
    • Implemented the referral UI on the app using React Native.
    • Built the DCA calculator backend with NestJS, and implemented the mobile UI in React Native.
    • Helped implement dark mode for the Pintu app.
  • Rupiah Token - Internship (May - Sep 2019)
    • Developed Rupiah Token's website from scratch with React and styled-components.
    • Built a multisig BEP2 wallet (before native multisig was available) using Amazon CloudHSM to generate ECDSA signatures.
    • Generated a vanity transaction for IDRTB's deployment on the Binance chain.

Honors and awards

  • Challenge Statement Winner for Solar PV electricity distribution equalisation, PT United Tractors Tbk. for Hack.Asia 2022.

Personal projects

  • Deployed Kubernetes with k3s on a cluster of 3 servers on Hetzner, and used Helm to run Nextcloud, Keycloak, and a custom Discord OAuth2 to OpenID Connect shim written in Rust (gitlab.com/aonahara/discord-oidc).
  • Ragtag Archive: A public YouTube archive, indexing over 145,000 videos on Elasticsearch and serving over 875 TB of data stored on GSuite.
  • fc2-live-dl: Reverse engineered FC2's streaming service to build a tool that records live streams in original quality, using Python, asyncio, and ffmpeg.
  • react-srv3: Built a React component to render YouTube's SRV3 captions and published it as an NPM package.
  • Created a project management web app with Next.js and Firebase auth to help a VTuber translation group manage their video projects.
  • Set up a live video stream for a one-off event, and served over 5,000 concurrent viewers with several geographically distributed servers.
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I primarily use these tools for development:

  • Git
  • React/Next.js
  • Typescript
  • TailwindCSS
  • Golang

Other languages and tools I have experience in:

  • Docker
  • Python
  • Rust
  • Helm
  • ELK stack
  • NestJS

Other notable skills:

  • Proficient in the Linux command line, have been managing Linux servers for personal use since 2015 and daily-driving it since 2018.